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Plaster, wow where do I start. There are so many different types of plaster so I will just tell you about the types that I use. Of course I am always learning about more plaster brands and plaster applications because, well, it's fun and really cool stuff. The industry is booming and with the benefits of Face-book and other Internet networking tools, the styles and applications are being shared world wide. It is so exciting to see what can be done.
Some clients are afraid of plaster because they think it is so permanent. However a change from plaster finish whether it is a textured finish or a flat finish is usually little more of an expense than having wall paper removed. Most plasters can be painting directly over top. So why not have a unique one of a kind finish that you are sure to love for years to come. Oh and it is more affordable than you may think.

I have separated them into three main categories; Metallic, Venetian and Textured

Metallic Plasters

Here is a catagory of lasters that are growing hughly in popularity. Today's interior decorating is screaming full of metallic influences and metallic plasters are a great way to introduce this style to your home or business. They satisfy many decor styles from ultra modern to classic.

Some of the metallic plasters I have used are Sherwin William Quartz-stone, Modern Masters Metallic Plaster, Faux Effects Lusterstone, Oikos Aureum.




Venetian Plaster

Truly one of the most beautiful plasters out there, In my opinion and so much can be done with Venetian plaster. Venetian plaster is available in both lime and synthetic versions and from hundreds of vendors. Venetian plasters typically have some content of marble dust or like material that will allow for the surface to be burnished to a beautiful sheen. Here are some samples of finishes completed with various types of Venetian Plasters.

Textured and Glazed VP

Stone Finished VP

Imbedded Image Smooth VP

You have to see Plasters in person to truly appreciate their full beauty.

Textured Plaster

For simplification I am calling this category textured plasters. These are all the plasters that I consider gritty or have extra tooth and strength to them. The benefit of these plasters is that they can fix unsightly walls some with very little prep.



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