Decorative Paint and Paster in Ephrata, PA

#1 Decorative Paint and Plaster in Ephrata, PA

Decorative paint and plaster were formerly known as a faux finishing technique. It offers endless possibilities. In fact, some of the most luxurious and refined homes throughout history use it to add grandeur and personal touches to home life. 

Do you want to give your home the style and personality of a personal art gallery without the cost of a full home renovation? Incorporate custom art and design elements into your home’s interior layout with Martzall’s Custom Surfaces.

The Motivation Behind Decorative Elements

When Debra Martzall of Martzall’s Custom Surfaces started her house painting business, her aim was to help modern homeowners create bold new home aesthetics. Our talents include traditional and innovative design principles, which is why decorative painting services in Ephrata, PA are now on the scene. We also understand how to focus on the details without losing sight of the overarching theme.

3 Ways Paint and Plaster Give New Life to Your Home

Meaningful Patterns

Using paint and decorative plaster gives skilled designers the opportunity to incorporate complex designs and themes into artistic paint jobs. For instance, the decorative elements could reflect family memories, interests, and stylistic flourishes like front door graining.

Splashes of Color

Cluttered or monotonous design schemes rob aesthetic potential. If you want inspiration, accent walls, fireplace makeovers, and other ornamentation can reinforce a visual focal point and bring life to a room. For example, painting an attractive design on cabinet doors will give your kitchen a unique and stylish look.

splashes of color

Design and Function

Adding design elements makes any room more user-friendly and welcoming. For instance, subtle touches in the kitchen design or decor will immediately highlight the layout of shelves and drawers. Why not use decorative paint and plaster to reinforce an outdoor theme for a mudroom, a tropical theme for a sunroom, or a water theme for a bathroom?

Would you like to discover the striking effect that is possible with ornamental plasterwork and decorative paint? Feel free to browse our before-and-after photos in our website’s gallery and read customer testimonials for full confidence in our work.

Envision Your Home With New Paint and Plaster

A competent contractor will be able to paint a wall a solid color. However, Martzall’s Custom Surfaces go well beyond the basics of interior painting. Our decorative painting services in Ephrata will add depth and richness with the use of color, texture, and space in creative ways.

Paint jobs with a limited selection of colors and few customization options don’t offer much flexibility. Thankfully, Martzall’s Custom Surfaces do not limit your options. 

Our 18 years of design experience help us to develop design concepts based on our customers’ dream homes. We review every detail during the planning stages of house interior painting projects to ensure each customer gets just what they want.

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We are passionate about using subtle paint and decorative plaster techniques to help community members make the most out of their homes.

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